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29 female inmates from the Windhoek Female Correctional Facility have graduated with certificates in the Prisoner’s Journey.

The Prisoner’s Journey (TPJ) is a program that introduces inmates to Jesus and brings about real transformation in the lives of inmates.

The Executive Director of Prison Fellowship Namibia, Pastor Connie van der Colf said the program has the potential to transform prisoners on a deeper level, which can significantly increase their chances of thriving once they leave prison.

“This, in turn, can have a positive impact on prison culture and local communities. Unfortunately, the program is currently only available at the Windhoek correctional facility, Walvis Bay, Swakopmud and Omaruru,” said Colf.

Colf indicated that they are planning to extend the program within Namibia into 11 facilities by the end of 2025. Meanwhile the director indicated that they are planning to have the same program next month in Gobabis.  

The prison fellowship Namibia executive director said the prisoners’ journey is a new program in Namibia, that started in November last year, in the Windhoek female correctional facility.

“Due to fact that the program is still new in Namibia, there are no graduates that made it into churches as pastors but, we have hopes that they will be pastors in future,” he emphasized.

He further pointed out that this is an ongoing training, as long as there are inmates that would like to take part in the program they will continue.

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April 13, 2023

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