Kaleb Nghishidivali

Police in Omusati region said that on April 17, 2023, community members found human skeletons in the bushes at Omahenatundu No. 02 village in Ruacana constituency at about 10H02.

It is alleged that the community members of Omahenatundu No. 3 found a mopane bulk tied to a branch of a mopane tree and another mopane bulk on the ground under the same tree. They also found a pair of black shoes, a cream hat, as well as a dry stick. Just within that area of the tree, there was a black trouser with a belt on it, as well as the blue overall jacket.

Commissar Ismael Basson, the regional commander of the Omusati Police, reported that some of the family members claimed to have found Mbinge Uatjoo’s clothing. A skull, jaws, and other unidentified bones that may be human-related were among the bones that were dispersed around the same location.

The family members further claim that Mbinge Uatjoo, whose disappearance was recorded at the Opuwo police station at the end of February 2023, was the subject of a missing person report.

The hanging incident is then thought to have occurred there.

According to police, the deceased has not yet been identified.

Police are still doing their investigations.

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May be an image of bone

April 19, 2023

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