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The Namibian Police Force in Otjozondjupa Region is inviting and encouraging the public to report crime, using the suggestion boxes provided for the public.

The Members of police in Otjiwarongo engaged with the public today at town square. The aim is to reach out to people in Otjiwarongo to use the suggestion boxes to report any criminal activities as well as complains.

Residents are encouraged to make use of any suggestion box that they are finding in their respective towns.

There are three suggestion boxes around Otjiwarongo.

Speaking to OtjiFM, Sergeant Moses Kayoka said the boxes will be used to extend the secrecies of individuals, and the suggestions will be collected on a weekly basis.

Kayoka further stated that the public must be free to attend at any police gazebo with police officers to cut long queues and crowding at the charge office.

“We came here to help and educate the public about the use of the suggestion boxes. We are not only here to talk about the suggestion boxes, but we are also issuing with declarations and certifying documents”, said Kayoka.

He further notified the public that their charge office number has changed, they can now be contacted at their two telephone numbers.

charge office, 067-3006008 and switch board 067-3006000


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February 1, 2023

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