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Since the attainment of independence, the Namibian Government has taken a deliberate decision to ensure that Namibians in different parts of the country, are provided with the facilities and services they need because they were the most neglected demographics during the period of apartheid colonialism and oppression, this was said today 20th March 2023 by Health minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangula during the official inauguration of Iipanda ya Amiti primary health care clinic in Omusati region.

The project was executed at a total cost of N$11 446 724. The construction of the clinic was funded by the Government of the Republic of Namibia, through the Ministry of Health and Social Services.  

According to Shangula, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MHSS) aims to provide integrated, affordable and accessible quality health and social services that are responsive to the needs of the population.

Shangula said that, this will be done through the construction of health facilities, procurement of medical equipment, procurement of clinical supplies and pharmaceuticals, and more importantly, training and recruitment of health professionals in different disciplines, such as doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, emergency care professionals and others.

“The construction of health facilities, such as this clinic here at, will no doubt contribute to improved healthcare delivery in Omusati Region. In so doing, this takes our country closer towards the attainment of our national development objectives contained in Vision 2030,” said Shangula.

He further indicated that, for many years, many people in rural areas have not been able to access services offered at intensive care units because such services were simply not available at district hospitals. As a result, many patients were forced to travel long distances in order to access these services.

“Traveling long distances can have many negative effects on patients. In order to address this problem, the Ministry has decided to establish Intensive Care Units and Dialysis Units at selected District Hospitals around the country. We are also improving electronic records; and providing capacity building for health professionals at various health directorates in order to improve service delivery,” he narrated.

Shangula encouraged members of the community to adopt positive health seeking behaviors and to visit health facilities whenever they feel unwell, saying, preventive and promotive services are given to the community free of charge.

The minister noted that, MHSS has implemented other commendable and impactful projects. As of last year, the Ministry renovated and modified Outapi District Hospital TB ward and equipped it with various modern equipment.

“This was a special project to enhance the COVID-19 response. We also completed the expansion of the Out-Patient Department at Okahao Hospital. We now have a modern facility there, with modern consulting rooms, a bigger pharmacy and an ultra-modern dental chair in the hands of young and able team of young Namibian professionals. This means our people no longer have to travel long distances to receive and access dental care,” he added.

Dr. Shangula later highlighted the part of the disease prevention services which will be rendered in the clinic that will include immunizations, vaccination against Covid-19.

Meanwhile he encouraged all community members to adhere to COVID-19 prevention measures and to get vaccinated.

March 20, 2023

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