Kaleb Nghishidivali

On Monday, May 8, 2023, the Ministry of Mines and Energy formally introduced the new Fleet Management System (FMS). According to the ministry the FMS will significantly contribute to the government’s cost-cutting initiative and intend to standardize government fleet management operations to improve service delivery and transparency.  

Speaking at the event, deputy minister of mines and energy Kornelia Shilunga stated that the system will be a significant milestone in the management of the mines ministry and the Government transport system, as it will enable them to improve and deliver basic services to all people, particularly those living in remote areas where our services are required.

“As a Government Ministry, we have committed ourselves to delivering services to the doorsteps of our communities, to ensure that they have access to basic services (such as electricity) that can make a significant difference in their lives,” Shilunga explained.

She went on to say that this can only happen if the government transportation system is functioning and functional, as well as professionally and efficiently managed.

Shilunga emphasized that the purpose of building an electronic Fleet Management System is to eliminate the need for a lot of paperwork and to shorten the time spent during the vehicle management process.

“The Fleet Management System has several functionalities for tracking vehicle information, including vehicle maintenance, license management, accident reporting management, pool vehicle management, inspection management, vehicle expenses, tracking traffic fines, tracking trip authority, and automated reports. The Fleet Management System allows users to manage vehicle information, including quick access to shared information, via a designed and centralized database system that eliminates data redundancy and increases flexibility,” she explained.

The electronics version is intended to increase core functional data processing and lead to improved executive fleet management decisions.

Meanwhile, Shilunga stated that the Ministry sees the Fleet Management System as a valuable asset to the government that would help to promote e-services and innovation in ICT policies.

As a result, she stated that they are still committed to fulfil their duty of delivering an effective government transportation system.

Shilunga further stated that it is the Ministry’s intention to adopt the Fleet Management System throughout all government Offices/Ministries/Agencies (OMAs), as well as other public organizations.

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