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The government of the Republic of Namibia through Ministry of Information Communication and Technology has announced that the 33rd independence anniversary will be held in Outapi, Omusati region under the theme “A People United for Prosperity.”

Namibia will turn 33 years of independence on 21 March after gaining freedom on the same day in 1990 from the colony of South Africa.

According to the MICT Executive Director, Audrin Mathe, His Excellency Dr Hage Geingob, president of the Republic of Namibia is expected to address the nation on that day.

“The government wishes to invite Namibians from all parts of the country to come together and celebrate the selfless acts of sacrifice whilst reaffirming our unity and patriotism that fosters pride and duty towards the prosperity of our nation,” said Mathe.

Ever since 21 March 1990 Omusati region has never hosted Independence Day.

Therefore, the 33rd Independence Day, which is commemorated on the 21st of March every year, will be celebrated in the Omusati Region this year, and it will be the first time the region is hosting such event, this was announced this afternoon.

Speaking to OTJIFM  the Omusati Regional Governor, Erginus Endjala, confirmed this yesterday.

Endjala said that Omusati region will just host but the event will be the national event, whereby all Namibians from all over the country will assembled and celebrate independence. “Our region was just distorted, now honored to host and to spearhead the preparation. We are not doing it for only Omusati inhabitants but for the whole country,” said Endjala.

He stated that they are preparing in conjunction with national preparatory committee, therefore they have to help because they are the one that have the ground and to make sure that everything is going well. Endjala indicated that they will use Olufuko Center in Outapi as this is seemed to have more and enough space for number of people.

With the effect of flood known as Efundja, Endjala commented that this time around the situation of flood in their region is getting better. “The stream is completely subsided people now has access all over, unless if we receive another good rain because one can not predict when the good rain to come,” he said.

Therefore, with this Endjala indicates that all people from affected part will be able to reach the Olufuko center.

As of other region prepares transport in such occasion, the Omusati region will also prepare transport in different constituencies. Omusati has 12 constituencies.  “We have identified different pick-up points from different constituencies where by the busses will dispatch and correct people. At the same time, we are now mobilizing the local so that we can have accessibilities for every person who want to come and attend can have that opportunity to attend,” he added.

He further indicated that the pick-up points are identified and they are just waiting for those who are involved in transport to give them the clear number of pick up points they will have, so that it will be communicated to national preparatory committee for them to avail enough transport for them not to delay the process due to transportation.

Endjala said that the Independence Day carnival is not only a day for remembering those heroes and heroines who lost their lives through the liberation struggle, but also a day to reflect on how far the country has come after attaining independence.

“We are eager to host the Independence Day celebration for the first time ever since 1990,” he said.

The 32nd Independence Day celebration last year was held in the Erongo Region.

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