Kaleb Nghishidivali

Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi, Speaker of the National Assembly, yesterday met with Hopolang Phororo, the UN Resident Coordinator in Namibia. The two talked about potential areas of collaboration, with a focus on combating gender-based violence and youth unemployment. During the meeting, Hon. Katjavivi stated that the “Agenda for change” concept was helping to transform parliament.

He mentioned that among other revolutionary concepts, there are plans to establish a budget office and parliamentary service commission.

He added that in order to improve its operations and be better equipped to address socioeconomic concerns, the parliament has already adopted the e-parliament approach, and plans are in motion to hire and establish a stand-alone parliamentary research team.

Phororo extended her support, stating that there was a need to work together and find answers to gender-based violence and youth unemployment.

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April 19, 2023

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