Kaleb Nghishidivali

Oshikoto Regional Council at its Ordinary Council meeting held on 05 April 2023, resolved to utilize 60% of its income from 5% rates and taxes from local Authorities, surcharges from the sales of electricity by Regional Electricity Distributors (REDs) and VAT refunds, on small-scale projects in the region.

Oshikoto Chief Regional Officer, Christella Mwenyo said this is part of the council’s efforts to accelerate the provision of government services to the inhabitants of Oshikoto Region, as part of the council’s mandate.

Three local authorities, namely Oniipa, Omuthiya and Tsumeb Municipality pay to the Regional Council an amount equal of 5% Rates and Taxes per-year, while portion of the money comes from surcharges on the sales of electricity by NORED and CENORED. Other revenue comes from Namibia Revenue Agency, through VAT refunds from both capital and operational activities of the Council.

“The money will be utilized on the small-scale projects, such as the excavation of short Water Pipelines to mitigate the challenges of access to potable water in the Region,” said Mwenyo.

Mwenyo indicated that money will also be used on rural income generating activities, to enhance rural economic growth and on other small-scale community projects, as identified at the constituency and settlement levels.

“The Regional Council is estimating an income of approximately N$4.3 million,” she added.

Among other resolutions taken during the meeting was the approval of the Okankolo Construction cc land development layout plan, to establish a township extension within the Onayena Settlement.

Mwenyo further indicated that the extension will consist of 275 erven, of which 240 are for residential, two for business, two institutional and recreational and 13 erven for public space.

The Council also approved the excavation of Amateta-Onakalunga short water pipeline in Omuthiya Constituency, which will be excavated under the Council’s Small-Scale Projects.

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