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While we are at the beginning of the year, Otjiwarongo Secondary School in the Otjozodjupa region kicked-off with their first sport day on Thursday 26 January 2023. The sport day under the theme ‘Wild Animals’ was an enjoyable event.

This is known as the ethos of Otjiwarongo Secondary School, every year teachers organize their learners to take part in different sport codes, where the winner will decide the theme for the following year.

The teachers normally divide learners in three groups, Red, Yellow and Green. Last year 2022, red team won the competition and decided the theme to be ‘wild animals’ looking at how fast wild animals are compared to domestic animals.

Speaking at the event, the sport organizer at Otjiwarongo secondary Mr. Raisameua Kasaona stated that, as per love of the sport at their school they normally organise sport day to select the best learner that can represent their school to regional and national levels.

“It is good to prepare while early, because if you take the earliest opportunity to do something you will gain the advantages over others. We want to be the best school in Otjozondjupa region in academic and sports” said Kasaona.

Kasaona express gratitude to all parents who made it possible to have the learners show up and for understanding the importance of sports among school learners.

“Sports is very important, it keep discipline among learners and makes it easier for school multicultural activities. Sports helps learners to interact with others” he narrated.

He added that to them at Otjiwarongo secondary they respect sports because it is the platform where those who are not academically talented can show their talent.

Furthermore, he encouraged other schools sport organizers and parents to take sport seriously and allow learners to participate.

The red team captains Grace Matyayi and Charly Mutamba expressed their joy and thoughts to OTJIFM that they want to run-up with the first place again this year.

Both Matyayi and Mutamba are in grade 12 for AS level, and they have hopes that they will make it to next year.

Matyayi told OTJIFM that she loves sport and it’s her talent that made her play for regional and national netball team of Namibia. Matyayi seemed congested she said that its only by the grace of God she manages to handle her school work and sport activities.

“Not only because its my talent but I want to get a scholarship, because a lot of athletes studies end up being funded by different companies. Therefore, I want to be one of them”, said Matyayi.

She wants to play abroad so she can extend her talent.

“When I was young, I used to watch TV I mostly liked the sports channel, New Zealand netball team is my favorite team. I want to play in New Zealand national league.

I remember one day I dreamed about being there”, she said with a happy face.

Lots of learners gathered to participate in different sport codes such, athletic, shot put, discus javelin, high jump, long jump and triple jump.

Photo: Otja Kahijambua

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