Mr Elago Nantana, the founder of the Delivery Room visited Otji-FM today, right here in Otjiwarongo. The media has been reporting on the updates of this man as he is currently on a mission walk From Orangemund to Katima Mulilo with the aim of advocating for Jesus Christ and Mental Health.

The Delivery Room is a spiritual and mental health clinic that does community outreach programs targeting boys and men in Namibia and beyond tackling issues around men’s mental health. As a vision from above he says the mission of the walk is to help the nation to overcome suicide and to strengthen the nation spiritually in order to fight the forces that are leading young souls into depression and mental health. Tonight he will take rest in Otjiwarongo and continue with his walk to Katima Mulilo on Saturday. Mr Nantana says,if you want to renew your mind you can reach him on 0812913193.

August 11, 2022

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