Kaleb Nghishidivali

OTJIWARONGO-Residents of Single Quarters, Orwetoveni location in Otjiwarongo have expressed their outmost dismay and grief towards the Single Quarters decongestion plan of the municipality. Last week Friday at press conference, residents angrily said that they will not shift to an un-serviced land, and they will not leave any stone unturned, and they shall approach relevant offices to carry out through investigations into this matter.

Since January, the residents have been restlessly following the enactment plan to decongest the unhygienic single quarter within the town.

According to the sources, the survey study took place in August 2020 revealed that Single-Quarters within Otjiwarongo was said to be congested and inhabitable due to hygiene related reasons.

The source exposed that the hygiene at units is highly concerning since about 23 units out of 30 units are currently sharing one toilet facility, a situation which seems not conducive state of inhabitation.

The plans to decongest the units means enlightening the living conditions of inhabitants by relocating them to Camp 5.

It is further said that the decisions to deal with the units include auctioning or selling them off, in an effort to recuperate an estimated N$1,5 million debt owed by residents in tariffs and dues.

Following the response to the petition that was handed over to municipality past months, unit residents at the media conference last week restated their negation not to move out of single quarters until municipality address to their questions.

The residents stressed that they are mostly concerned with their un-answered questions on what will be done or happen to those that have made structural improvements at single quarter units, as some residents went far to build toilets with the permission of the former municipality Chief Executive Officer. And, what will happen to those who would find themselves homeless as a result.

Speaking at the press conference the Single-Quarters unit representative, Irene Uushona said their demand is to see the Minister of Urban and Rural Development within 30 working days.

“Our earlier petition didn’t receive any attention, yet comes 2024 elections the very same minister will come to seek for our votes,” said Uushona.

Uushona pointed-out that Otjiwarongo municipality failed to address the issue of low-cost housing and always prefer failed Private Public Partnership (PPP) agreements such as the heroes and freedom or the new extensions.

“More than 4000 residents have been seeking place to call home since 2009 and yet we are being shifted to uncopiable reception area. It is highly disturbing that the council is not addressing the housing needs of the first-time applicants with the urgency it deserves,” worried Uushona.

Residents are not happy with the area where the council plans to relocate them, complaining of low water pressure. Saying they observed that the council’s intentions is to combine the Saamstaan basket toilets project with the single quarter’s toilet project matter.

Uushona further indicated that they are worried of their kids who are in school, believed that this shift will negatively impact them, noting that one pays more if he resides far from his business and institutional areas.

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